Selection of Articles

How are the Articles Selected?

Articles included for analysis on the Academy Evidence Analysis Library are:
  • English Language Publication
  • Human Subject Research
  • Peer-Reviewed Publication1
  • Meet the specific inclusion criteria (within range of years of publication, ages of subjects, size of sample, etc.) established for the specific question. The inclusion and exclusion criteria are found in the Search Plan and Results linked to each question/conclusion.
    1Peer-Reviewed: Articles accepted for evidence analysis must be peer-reviewed and published in a juried publication.
The Academy does not use the so-called "grey" literature. Examples of grey literature include technical reports from government agencies or scientific research groups, working papers from research groups or committees, white papers, position papers, abstracts, conference reports or preprints.

Please note that many scientific journals have both peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed sections within the publication. For example, the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAND) clearly delineates that manuscripts published in the following sections are peer-reviewed: Research, Review, Perspectives in Practice, Research and Professional Briefs, and Commentary; and non-peer-reviewed materials are published in other sections, such as Research Editorial, For Your Information, Beyond the Headlines, Business of Dietetics, Of Professional Interest, Practical Solutions, Ethics in Action, and Letters to the Editor. This information is found in the Guidelines to Authors.

Note:  The actual articles are not available on the EAL due to copyright regulations. Academy members can access articles from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics via Users can check with their institution's library for a subscription; visit the journals website for free access or to purchase a one-time use, or go to PubMed.