Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library
(formerly American Dietetic Association)

  Vegetarian Nutrition ADA Evidence Analysis Project

The Foods section includes the following EAL® projects:

Additionally, when other evidence analysis projects (found in Diseases/Conditions, Nutrients, Nutrition Care Process, or Life Cycle sections) include topics about Foods, they are cross-linked and added to this section.  Some examples include: 
  • Dairy and Pediatric Overweight
  • Grains and Celiac Disease
  • Nuts, Almonds and Disorders of Lipid Metabolism

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What EAL® Projects are found in this Foods section?

Additionally, when other Evidence Analysis projects include topics about particular foods, the information is cross-linked to this section.

Where can I find additional evidence analysis topics on the EAL®?

To see if a topic is on the EAL®, check the A-Z Index Tab or use the Search Feature on the top right hand side of the page.

Evidence analysis projects found in other sections on the EAL®:

EAL Section: Diseases & Conditions

  • More than 20 projects can be found in the Nutrition Diseases & Conditions section including Celiac Disease, Diabetes, and Weight Management. Click here to see the complete list.

EAL Section: Nutrients

EAL Section: Nutrition Care Process

What if I don’t see the topic I’m looking for?

To understand how topics are selected for the EAL®, please read the Frequently Asked Questions in the Help tab. You may also Contact the Academy and let us know about your interest in seeing a particular topic on the Academy Evidence Analysis Library.