Celiac Disease

CD: Major Recommendations (2009)


Recommendations are categorized in terms of either conditional or imperative statements. While conditional statements clearly define a specific situation, imperative statements are broadly applicable to the target population and do not impose restraints on their application.

Conditional recommendations are presented in an if/then format, such that:


Fulfillment of the condition triggers one or more guideline-specified actions. In contrast, imperative recommendations include terms such as “require, ” “must, ” and “should, ” and do not contain conditional text that would limit their applicability to specified circumstances.

Resources Available with Each Recommendation

In addition to the recommendation statement and strength rating, you will find on each recommendation page:

  • A brief narrative summary of the evidence analyzed to reach the recommendation
  • A statement of justification, or reason for the strength of the recommendation
  • Detailed information on the evidence supporting the recommendations and background narrative (available in the Supporting Evidence section toward the bottom of each recommendation page)
  • A reference list at the end of each recommendation page that includes all the sources used in the evidence analysis for the particular recommendation (each reference is hyperlinked to a summary of the article analyzed in the evidence analysis).

Below, you will find a list of the Celiac Disease Recommendations organized by the steps in the Nutrition Care Process. To see the Recommendation Summary, just click on the recommendation title. You can print the entire guideline material in PDF format.

Celiac Disease (CD) Major Recommendations

CD: Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Assessment

CD: Assessment of Food/Nutrition-Related History

CD: Assessment of Factors Affecting Quality of Life

CD: Bone Density Screening

CD: Assessment of Biochemical Data and Results of Medical Procedures

CD: Assessment of Gastrointestinal Symptoms

CD: Assessment of Other Disease States

Nutrition Intervention

CD: Inclusion of Gluten-Free Oats

Inclusion of Gluten-Free Oats as Tolerated

CD: Meeting Nutritional Needs

Consumption of Whole/Enriched Gluten-Free Grains and Products
Addition of Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements

CD: Calcium/Vitamin D for Reduced Bone Density

CD: Iron Supplementation for Iron Deficiency Anemia

CD: Gluten-free Dietary Pattern

CD: Provide Resources and Education on Label Reading

CD: Education on Food Cross-Contamination

CD: Coordination of Care

Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation

CD: Monitoring  and Evaluation of Dietary Compliance

CD: Monitoring and Evaluation of Factors Affecting Quality of Life

CD: Monitoring and Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Symptoms