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  • Dietary Fatty Acids evidence analysis project
  • Fiber evidence analysis project
  • Fluoride evidence analysis project
  • Nutrient Supplementation evidence analysis project
  • Sodium evidence analysis project
Note:  When other evidence analysis projects (found in Diseases/Conditions, Foods, Nutrition Care Process, or Life Cycle sections) include topics about nutrients, they are cross-linked and added to this Nutrients section.
What EAL® Projects are found in this Nutrients section?

Additionally, when topics from other Evidence Analysis projects include topics about a particular nutrient, the information is cross-linked in this section.  

Where can I find additional evidence analysis topics on the EAL®? To see if a topic is on the EAL®, check the A-Z Index Tab or use the Search Feature on the top right hand side of the page. Topics are located in the Diseases and Conditions, Nutrients, Food, Nutrition Care Process and Life Cycle sections on the EAL®.

The following evidence analysis projects can be found in other sections (not Nutrients) on the EAL®.

EAL Section: Diseases & Conditions

  • More than 20 projects can be found in the Nutrition Diseases & Conditions section including Celiac Disease, Diabetes, and Weight Management. Click here to see the complete list.

EAL Section: Foods

EAL Section: Nutrition Care Process

What if I don’t see the topic I’m looking for? To understand how topics are selected for the EAL®, please read the Frequently Asked Questions in the Help tab. You may contact the Academy to let us know about your interest in seeing a particular topic on the Academy Evidence Analysis Library.