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What are your colleagues saying about the Academyof Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library? 


I really wanted to get across to students what we know and don’t know based on evidence. Thanks to EAL, all students were required to do projects using EAL, there is a lot less that we don’t know.
- Cinda Chima, MS, RD, LD, Ohio Delegate; College Professor
I write for magazines, doing research to support stories and check for incorrect information... Evidenced Based Practice can be used in and outside of the clinical setting. For example, a statement in a draft article said not to use artificial sweeteners because they can increase the desire to eat sweet foods. I went to the EAL and copied the statement on sweeteners to show my editor that this was not true and the statement was omitted from the article.
- Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD, Nutrition Communication Consultant
When we go to meet with legislators we plan to talk about how our profession uses Evidenced Based Practice so we should be the preferred provider for nutrition.
- Sharon Maynard, RD, LD, State Policy Representative, Past West Virginia Delegate
Hydration is a big concern now with long term care. We were able to show through EAL that that there is no evidence for specific fluid requirements. There even is a possibility to end up over hydrating the resident and send them into congestive heart failure. This was shared with the doctors and the Department of Inspections and Appeals (regulatory body) regarding guidelines we thought were good practice but actually may not be.
- Kathleen Niedert, PhD, RD, CSG, LD, FADA; Management in Geriatric Nutrition
The EAL educator modules are ideal for everyday practice in dietetics and as a teaching tool for students. Because ADA uses the most rigorous process of evidence analysis, the modules are well constructed and offer a great learning experience for the user. I am excited that ADA has provided such a great resource for our members.
- Karla Kennedy-Hagan, PhD, RD, LDN
In regards to the EAL and all it does for our profession...I do not think RD's have ever been more proud of ADA.
- Theresa Dildy, MS, RD, LD, Assistant Director, Nutrition Services
The EAL is an invaluable resouce to our profession.
- Debra Krummel, PhD, RD, Department of Nutritional Sciences








 Additional Comments...

I think the EAL and the Practice Guidelines are a tremendous member benefit!

One of the best things you have done to help us keep up with the latest information. It has also helped us gain recognition from the medical profession.

It is evident much work went into the development of the guidelines - speaking for myself this effort is much appreciated! Allowing us this evidence at our fingertips only works to strengthen our practice and validity as a profession.

An amazing resource to have! Keep up the good work.

Excellent that this is available, one of the main reasons I stay a member of ADA.

 I was very impressed with the Evidence Analysis Library.  I am able to find reliable journal sources and research articles quickly and easily.

EAL is a useful resource and I will be using it periodically to update my knowledge. Thank you for providing a great service!

 Please keep adding to it! This is probably the most worthwhile tangible benefit of being an ADA member

Keep it up! As I said earlier, this is the best part of ADA's services for us!

It is nice to know that there is a resource available that helps bring us all up to date evidence based information that I can rely on. I believe this helps keep us all on the same page with what we are saying to our clients because this is backed up by evidence.

This is a great resource for finding support when presenting practice change to RDs, physicians and hospital administration.

I congratulate ADA for embarking on this journey of bringing evidence based practice into dietetics. This endeavor serves to promote dietitians as knowledgeable professionals who can contribute to the nutrition care of their patients and clients with evidence based practice. This also elevates the credibility and position of dietitians among other healthcare and scientific professionals.

This is a wonderful resource, and the most beneficial resource ADA has ever provided.

A wonderful resource - my own personal librarian!

This is one of the most important projects that ADA has ever taken on.

 I would like to see it expand further. It is helpful to have a database to refer to that supports the principles that I use in my own practice.

Once, I familiarized myself with the format of the Evidence Based Guidelines, I found them to be a good guidance and look foward to expansion and additions.

The Evidence-based guidelines are probably the greatest accomplishment I have seen in my 25 year career in dietetics.

I went through the EAL yesterday. What an amazing system. Congratulations!

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