Print Reports

Print Reports

Print Reports - PDF files

 Select a link from the menu bar on the left. (Note: these reports are currently available to Academy members and EAL subscribers as a free download.) Each Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association) evidence-based nutrition practice guideline has several available reports (a set of web pages in a pdf file format) that can be downloaded and printed without having to navigate to each page on the website.

Reports for each guideline include:

  • the guideline introduction
  • major recommendations and
  • algorithms.

Additional Print Options

Instead of printing the reports, you may also use the Custom Printing option.
Navigate to the page you are interested in and then print that page (or table) individually.

This option gives you maximum flexibility. You print only those pages you select. There are three ways to print a page:

 Printer Friendly: strips out the headers and navigation bars

 PDF: reformats the page as an Adobe Reader file.  To view and print these materials, you will need  Adobe Reader. The Adobe Reader program is available as a free download by using this link,

 Flash Paper: reformats the page like an Adobe Reader file, but uses a different program (Flash) to do this.

Each option has both benefits and limitations. You should try each option to see which best suits your system, printer, and tastes. 

PowerPoint Presentations

Evidence-based Guideline Powerpoint Presentations with slides ready for you to use for meetings, in-service presentations, and classes are available as online electronic downloads.  These can be purchased in the EAL Store
Click here, or select the Store Tab (above).