These presentations are available for your use. Simply download and enjoy. Great for individual learning, teaching a class, or sharing with other health care professionals.

Evidence Analysis Process: Steps and Features

This 39-slide presentation covers the rigorous process followed by the EAL project team. and includes:

  • Structure of the EBP Committee
  • .Highlights the 5 steps in the process
  • EAL screenshots
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Applying Evidence Analysis to the Creation of Evidence-Based Guidelines and Toolkits

This 27-slide presentation highlights the steps taken to create the EAL's Evidence-Based Guidelines and compation toolkits and includes
  • What are evidence-based guidelines
  • EAL screenshots
  • Guideline rating explanation
  • Algorithm explantion 
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Nutrition Care Process Terminology: Overview and Resources

The 61-slide presentation provides an overview of the four steps of the  Nutrition Care Process and includes:
  • Nutrition Care Process Model
  • PES Statement overview
  • NCP resources
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