Diabetes Type 1 (Pediatrics)

Diabetes Type 1 (Pediatrics)

Welcome to the Diabetes Type 1 Pediatric Project

Academy’s guideline on Diabetes (Types 1 and 2) was published in 2015. The target audience for the guideline is an adult population. Currently, the EAL does not have a guideline focusing on a population less than 20 years of age. In an attempt to fill this gap, the Academy’s Evidence Analysis Library will conduct a comprehensive systematic review focusing on the pediatric and adolescent population.

The overall objective of this project is to conduct a rigorous and comprehensive systematic review to evaluate and examine the extent, range and nature of research on Type 1 Diabetes (previously known as Juvenile Diabetes) and to identify gaps in existing literature in order to inform nutrition practice. 

Use the link on the left to view the focus of the scoping review. Expand the section below titled Scoping Review Project Team and Disclosures for a listing of the volunteers who conducted the review. The systematic review will start in October 2020. 



  • Scoping Review Project Team and Disclosures (2019)

    The following individuals contributed their valuable time and expertise to the Diabetes Type 1 Pediatrics Scoping Review:

    Project Team

    • Deepa Handu, PhD, RDN, Project Manager and Methodologist
      Senior Scientist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Chicago, IL, USA
    • Megan Piotrowski, MS, RN, Lead Analyst
      Shriners Hospital for Children,, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    Content Advisors

    • Erin Phillips, MPH, RDN, CDE
      Erin Phillips Nutrition, LLC, Seattle, WA, USA
    • Amy Poelker, MS, RD, CDE
      Dietitian Diabetes Educator, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    Financial Contributors

    • Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Disclosures of Potential Conflicts of Interest: In the interest of full disclosure, the Academy has adopted the policy of revealing relationships workgroup members and content advisors have with companies that sell products or services that are relevant to this topic. Workgroup members and content advisors are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest by completing the Academy Conflict of Interest Form. It should not be assumed that these financial interests will have adverse impact on the content, but they are noted here to fully inform readers:

    • None of the content advisors listed above disclosed potential conflicts.