Beyond the four better known tastes of salty, sweet, bitter and sour, umami finds its place as the fifth basic taste, evoking savory, full-bodied, and meaty sensations. Until the 20th century, umami was not thoroughly understood in Western societies. However, it has been unknowingly appreciated for years in stocks, broths, aged cheeses, protein-rich foods, tomato products, dried mushrooms, and kelp among others. To learn more about Umami, download this Umami White Paper.

To learn more about Umami, please download Umami - The Science and Lore of Healthy Eating. This publication is available through an unrestricted grant from Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Expand the section below to download a free copy.

The Academy conducted two systems reviews - Umami and Healthy Eating and Umami in Foods. Both projects have been retired and removed from the EAL. 

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  • Umami and Sodium Reduction Scoping Review Project Team and Disclosures (2020)

    The following individuals contributed their valuable time and expertise to the Umami and Sodium Reduction Scoping Review:

    Project Team

    • Erica Gradwell, MS, RD, Project Manager
      Consultant, Arvada, CO, USA
    • Megan D. Baumler, PhD, RD, Lead Analyst
      DPD Director and Assistant Professor, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN, USA
    • Deepa Handu, PhD, RDN, Methodologist
      Senior Scientist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Chicago, IL, USA
    • Heidi Tibollo, BSN, MLS, Librarian
      Owner, Literature Research Services, Amherst, NY, USA

    Content Advisors

    • Kristi Crowe-White, PhD, RD
      Department Chair, Associate Professor, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
    • Vijaya Juturu, PhD, RD, FAND
      Senior Research Manager, Lonza, Inc., Morristown, NJ, USA
    • Dana White, MS, RD
      President, Dana White Nutrition and Associate Clinical Professor of Athletic Training and Sports Dietitian, Quinnipiac University, Fairfield, CT, USA

    Financial Contributors

    • Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc.
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Disclosures of Potential Conflicts of Interest: In the interest of full disclosure, the Academy has adopted the policy of revealing relationships workgroup members and content advisors have with companies that sell products or services that are relevant to this topic. Workgroup members and content advisors are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest by completing the Academy Conflict of Interest Form. It should not be assumed that these financial interests will have adverse impact on the content, but they are noted here to fully inform readers:

    • Juturu V: Writing chapter on Collagen for Health Professionals (August 2020)
    • White D: Partially sponsored by Ajinomoto for speaking at International Food and Restaurant Show New York (March 2019)


  • Umami - The Science and Lore of Healthy Eating

    This free download was supprted by an unrestricted education grant from Ajinomoto Co., Inc.