The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) provides a synthesis of highest quality nutrition research. Over 40 evidence analysis projects are either published or in the development process.. Each project includes:
  • Graded conclusion statements for questions formulated by a group of experts on the topic.
  • Supporting documentation, including bibliographies, search plans, research articles abstracted into formatted worksheets and quality criteria checklists.
  • Each graded conclusion statement has a corresponding evidence summary.
  • Seventeen (17) Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines are currently published and include major recomendations with corresponding rating of evidence strength and clinical algorithms showing the flow of treatment for a specific disease or condition.  

Academy Members

Active members of the Academy receive free access to the EAL. Please log into the EAL via the Academy's website ( or by clicking on the words LOGIN in the upper right hand corner and entering your Academy login information.  

Individual Subscriptions

Non-members of the Academy can purchase an annual subscription (US$250) or a one-month trial subscription (US$50) to the EAL. Click to subscribe.

Group Subscriptions

Medical or university libraries, government agiencies, institutions, or professional associatgions can purchase group / multi-user subscriptions to the EAL.  Benefits of group subscriptions include:
  • Full access to the EAL
  • A unique URL which can be posted to your intranet or website without users having to log into the site
  • Monthly usage reports
For group rates or a demo of the EAL, please contact Toni Acosta at
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