Recommendations Summary

HTN: Goals of Therapy 2008

Click here to see the explanation of recommendation ratings (Strong, Fair, Weak, Consensus, Insufficient Evidence) and labels (Imperative or Conditional). To see more detail on the evidence from which the following recommendations were drawn, use the hyperlinks in the Supporting Evidence Section below.

  • Recommendation(s)

    HTN: Blood Pressure Treatment Goal

    A treatment goal of <140/90 mmHg is recommended for individuals without comorbidities. This level is associated with preventing target organ damage and decreasing cardiovascular risk factors and complications.

    Rating: Consensus

    HTN: Blood Pressure Treatment Goal for Individuals with Diabetes or Renal Disease

    For individuals with hypertension and diabetes or renal disease, a treatment goal of <130/80 mmHg is recommended. These individuals are at an increased risk for cardiovascular and renal morbidity and mortality.

    Rating: Consensus