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Recommendations Summary

EE: Gas Collection Devices in Healthy and Non-Critically Ill 2014

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  • Recommendation(s)

    EE: Gas Collection Devices in Healthy Adults and Children

    The registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) may select any gas collection device (ventilated hood and canopy, mouthpiece and nose clip or face mask) for a resting metabolic rate (RMR) measurement in a healthy adult or child. Studies comparing the use of different devices are conflicting. The individual's comfort or preference should be considered when selecting a device, if possible.

    Rating: Weak

    • Risks/Harms of Implementing This Recommendation

      There are no potential risks or harms associated with the application of this recommendation.

    • Conditions of Application

      • For children, if the choice is mouthpiece and noseclip vs. face mask, it has been reported that children (7 to 12 years) prefer the facemask (Mellecker and McManis, 2009)
      • Clinical judgment should be used in applying this recommendation to non-critically ill adults and children because there is no evidence in these populations
      • When applying the recommendation to children, the child's age should be considered, due to variability in physical and developmental attributes
      • For research, the same type of device should be used throughout the study. 


    • Potential Costs Associated with Application

      Some face masks and mouthpiece/noseclips are disposable, so additional costs will be incurred.

    • Recommendation Narrative

      A total of four studies were included in the evidence analysis for this recommendation:

      • Three neutral-quality diagnostic, validity or reliability studies (Forse, 1993; McAnena et al,  1986; Segal, 1987)
      • One neutral-quality non-randomized crossover study (Mellecker and McManus, 2009).  
      EE: Gas Collection Devices in Healthy Adults and Children
      • Four studies provide conflicting evidence regarding RMR measurements made comparing a ventilated hood with either mouthpiece and noseclip or face mask; this may be due to differences in patient comfort. One study in healthy children reported no significant differences between RMR measurements comparing mouthpiece and noseclip vs. face mask. Additional research comparing gas collection devices is needed.
      • Evidence is based on the following four studies: Forse, 1993; Mellecker and McManus, 2009; McAnena et al,  1986; and Segal, 1987.

    • Recommendation Strength Rationale

      Conclusion statement supporting this recommendation is Grade III.

    • Minority Opinions