CI: Specific Methods (2012)

CI: Specific Methods (2012)

Each evidence analysis topic has a link to supporting evidence, where the Search Plan and Results can be found. Here, you can view when the search plan was performed, inclusion and exclusion criteria, search terms, databases that were searched and the excluded articles.

Below are a list of the recommendations and the related evidence analysis questions, with the link to each search plan.


Nutrition Assessment/Reassessment


Energy Assessment

 CI: Determination of Resting Metabolic Rate Search Plan and Results



Nutrition Prescription


Enteral vs. Parenteral Nutrition

CI: Enteral vs. Parenteral Nutrition Search Plan and Results

Initiation of Feeding

CI: Initiation of Enteral Nutrition Search Plan and Results

Feeding Tube Site

CI: Gastric vs. Small Bowel Feeding Tube Placement Search Plan and Results

Blue Dye Use

CI: Blue Dye Use Search Plan and Results

Optimizing Enteral Nutrition Delivery

CI: Optimizing Enteral Nutrition Delivery Search Plan and Results

Immune-Modulating Formulas

CI: Immune-Modulating Enteral Nutrition Search Plan and Results

Fiber and Enteral Nutrition

Supplemental Glutamine

Hypocaloric, High Protein Feeding Regimen

Blood Glucose Control

CI: Blood Glucose Control Search Plan and Results

Coordination of Care


Monitoring and Evaluation