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Pediatric Weight Management

PWM: Major Recommendations (2007)

Major Recommendations

Recommendations By Topic

Below you will find a list of Childhood Overweight Treatment Recommendations organized by Topic. To see the Recommendation Summary, click on the Recommendation title. Also view the Executive Summary of Recommendations or print the guideline material in PDF format.

Resources Available with Each Recommendation

In addition to the recommendation statement and strength rating you will find on each recommendation page:

  • a brief narrative summary of the evidence analyzed to reach the recommendation
  • a statement of justification, or reason, for the strength of the recommendation
  • information on the evidence supporting the recommendations and background narrative (available in the Supporting Evidence section toward the bottom of each recommendation page)
  • a reference list at the end of each recommendation page that includes all the sources used in the evidence analysis for the particular recommendation (each reference is hyperlinked to a summary of the article analyzed in the evidence analysis)

Guideline Update

In 2015, the Academy published the 2015 Pediatric Weight Management Guideline. This Summary of Changes provides an overview of revisions to the 2007 Guideline. 

Pediatric Weight Management (PWM) 2007 Major Recommendations


PWM: Comprehensive Multicomponent Weight Management Program for Treating Childhood Obesity

PWM: Obesity in Children Ages 2-5


PWM: Assessing Foods and Pediatric Obesity

PWM: Assessing Child and Family Diet Behaviors in Pediatric Obesity

PWM: Assessing Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors

PWM: Determination of Total Energy Expenditure

PWM: Assessing Family Climate Factors


Nutrition Prescription

PWM: Nutrition Prescription in the Treatment of Pediatric Obesity

Energy Restriction

PWM: Energy Restricted Diets

Altered Macronutrient Diets

PWM: Reduced Glycemic Load Diet

PWM: Very Low Carbohydrate Diet

PWM: Using Protein Sparing Modified Fast Diets for Pediatric Weight Loss

PWM: Very Low Fat Diet (<20% Daily Energy Intake from Fat)

Nutrition Education

PWM: Nutrition Education in the Treatment of Pediatric Obesity

Nutrition Counseling

PWM: Nutrition Counseling and Behavior Therapy Strategies in the Treatment of Obesity in Children and Adolescents

PWM: Family Participation in Treating Pediatric Obesity in Children and Adolescents

PWM: Nutrition Counseling: Setting Weight Goals with Patient and Family

Coordination of Nutrition Care

PWM: Coordination of Care in Pediatric Weight Management

Physical Activity and Inactivity

PWM: Decreasing Sedentary Behaviors in Children and Adolescents

PWM: Physical Activity in the Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity

Adjunct Therapies

PWM: Adjunct Therapies: Use of Weight Loss Medications in Treating Obesity in Adolescents

PWM: Adjunct Therapies: Weight Loss Surgery and Adolescent Obesity

Treatment Format Options

PWM: Treatment Format Options: Group Versus Individual Intervention

Monitoring and Evaluation

PWM: Optimal Length of Weight Management Therapy in Children and Adolescents