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Oncology (ONC) by Topic Systematic Review (2005-2007)

Evidence Analysis Questions in the Oncology and Nutrition project were originally organized according to the topics listed below.  During the guideline development phase of the project, the expert work group thought that it would help the EAL user to list the questions according to the particular type of cancer (Breast cancer, Lung cancer, etc.) and cancer treatment (radiation, chemotherapy).  Questions were re-organized according to this typology and links to these categories can be found from the Oncology introduction page in the left menu bar. 

The following broad topics for the Oncology and Nutrition evidence analysis project are organized according to the Nutrition Care Process. Click here for additional information about the Nutrition Care Process and Model. 

Nutrition Assessment

  • Nutritional Needs of Cancer Patients

Nutrition Intervention 

  • Effect of Cancer Treatment on Nutritional Intake
  • Alterations in Catabolic Process
  • Diet Changes and Reduction in Symptoms and Treatment Complications
  • Food Components, Herbals and Supplements