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Nutrition Screening Adults

NSCR: Adult Nutrition Screening Tool Parameters (2009)

 Adult Nutrition Screening Tool Parameters (View in Excel Format)

Tool Parameters                 

Recent Uninten-tional Weight Loss

Appetite BMI Disease Severity Age-Adjust-ment for >70 years Weight Height Weight Change (Loss or Gain) Subcu-taneous Fat Loss Impaired General Condition House-bound

Meal Prep-aration Habits and Eating Alone

Dementia or Depres-sion Sup-plemental Drinks or Tube Feeding Intake of Fluid / Fruits and Vegs Ability to eat/ Retain food Food Intake / Eating Problem/ Skipping Meals
MNA-SF X X   X             X   X       X
MUST X   X X                          X 
Simple Two-Part Tool X               X                
MST X X                              
NRS-2002 X   X X X         X             X
SNAQ X X                       X      
NRS X X X X                       X  
SCREEN II-AB   X           X       X     X    X
Tool #1 (LaPorte et al, 2001) X   X                            
Rapid Screen (Visvanathan et al, 2004) X   X                            
NST/BAPEN4 X X       X X                    X