Pediatric Weight Management

PWM: Parents Only Interventions (2006)

Interventions with Parents Only for Treatment of Pediatric Obesity

The evidence is very limited for the effectiveness of intervening with only parents in treating pediatric obesity.

While there were a few studies that examined the effectiveness of parents as exclusive agents of change for children (ages 6-11), we did not find any research that met our inclusion criteria for very young children (ages 2-5).

The evidence for the effectiveness of parent only intervention in treating adolescent obesity was likewise absent--though, in light of the evidence for the effectiveness of child-only weight loss interventions among adolescents (see Is counseling of adolescents for weight loss in the absence of their parents effective? ) intervening only with parents is not likely to be the optimal approach in treating adolescent obesity.

Note: The work group focused on interventions with parents that targeted child obesity, not parent obesity.