Pediatric Weight Management

PWM: Balanced Macronutrient: Selected Dietary Approaches (2005-2006)

 American Dietetic Association Pediatric Weight Management Evidence Analysis Project

Balanced Macronutrient: Selected Dietary Approaches

While there are a great number of different approaches to designing the dietary intervention component of a pediatric weight management program, we selected two approaches that have received significant attention.

The Traffic Light Diet (sometimes called the Stop Light Diet) was developed by Leonard H. Epstein and colleagues for use in their family-based childhood obesity research. This group of scholars has been responsible for a large portion of the best research on childhood obesity for over the past two decades. Perhaps because of the ground-breaking nature of their research, the Traffic Light Diet has become broadly recognized and in some cases copied.

The US Department of Agriculture's new MyPyramid (the Food Guide Pyramid) was developed as a personalized approach to healthy eating and physical activity. It's purpose is to provide consumers with a tool to make healthy food choices and to be active every day. It was not developed as a tool for treating obesity. However, in our analysis of the scientific and program research on pediatric obesity we noticed that the Food Guide Pyramid is used as part of a number of pediatric obesity treatment programs.