• Intervention
    Do non-nutritive sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-K, sucralose, neotame) affect behavior, cognitive function, or moods?
    • Conclusion
      Several studies report that in healthy adults and children, as well as those considered to have “sugar sensitivity” or behavioral disorders, intake levels of aspartame ranging from 10 – 60 mg/kg body weight (acceptable intake levels equal 50 mg/kg body weight) for time periods of 1 day to 12 weeks have not been shown to have any significant effect on behavior, cognitive function or mood. Further studies are needed using larger intakes of non-nutritive sweeteners over longer time periods.
    • Grade: II
      • Grade I means there is Good/Strong evidence supporting the statement;
      • Grade II is Fair;
      • Grade III is Limited/Weak;
      • Grade IV is Expert Opinion Only;
      • Grade V is Not Assignable.
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      • Low (C) means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited;
      • Very Low (D) means we have very little confidence in the effect estimate.
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