• Project Team (2014)

    The following individuals contributed their valuable time and expertise to this project:

    Workgroup Members:

    • Kim Crawford, Chair, PhD, RD, CSSD, LDN
    • Matthew Beekley, RD, CSSD, FACSM, CSCS, 
    • Jacqueline Berning, PhD, RD, CSSD
    • Karen Dolins, EdD, RD, CSSD, CD-N
    • Jennifer Gibson, MS, RD, CSSD
    • Kris Osterberg, MS, RD, CSSD
    • Nancy Rodriguez, PhD, RD, FACSM

    Project Manager

    • Mujahed Khan, MBA, RDN

    Lead Analyst

    • Diane M. DellaValle, PhD, RDN

    Evidence Analysts

    • Lori Brizee, MS, RDN, CSP
    • Vijaya Juturu, PhD, RD, FACN
    • Julie Kennel, PhD, RD, LD
    • Holly Larson, MS, RD
    • Nichole McGrath, MEd, RD, LDN
    • Hope Paul, MS, RD, CDE, CNSC
    • Joan Pleuss, MS, CDE, CD, RD
    • Debra Waldoks, MPH, RD, CLC

    Financial Contributors

    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

    Disclosures of Potential Conflict of Interest: In the interest of full disclosure, the Academy has adopted the policy of revealing relationships workgroup members have with companies that sell products or services that are relevant to this topic. Workgroup members are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest by completing the Academy Conflict of Interest Form. It should not be assumed that these financial interests will have an adverse impact on the content, but they are noted here to fully inform readers.

    • Jacqueline Berning - Consultant for Gaorade Company
    • Kris Osterberg - Formerly employed by Gatorade Company