CKD: Benefits and Risks/Harms of Implementation (2020)

CKD: Benefits and Risks/Harms of Implementation (2020)

Various factors should be considered prior to implementation of these recommendations. Every recommendation includes benefits and risks/harms specific to that particular recommendation. Access the recommendations from the Guideline Recommendations and Supporting Evidence tab.

When using these recommendations, please consider the following general benefits:

  • The primary goal of implementing these recommendations is improving patient outcomes while keeping in mind your patients’ preferences and health status.
  • Although costs of MNT sessions and reimbursement vary, MNT is essential for improved outcomes.
  • MNT education can be considered cost-effective when considering the benefits of nutrition interventions on the onset and progression of comorbidities vs cost of the interventions.

When using these recommendations, please keep in mind the following:

  • Patients age, socio-economic status, cultural issues, psychological and mental health status, health history and other individual ad health conditions.
  • Use clinical judgement in applying these guidelines



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