CKD: Speakers Guide (2020)

CKD: Speakers Guide (2020)

Clinical Practice Guideline for Nutrition in CKD: 2020 Update

The EAL-KDOQI 2020 guideline is available in 6 ready-to-use slide decks. Ideal for in-service training as well as local, national, and international educational activities, each presentation includes the guideline recommendations, implementation considerations, and practice examples. The speakers guide was developed by National Kidney Foundation and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics volunteers including the guideline workgroup members, members from the Council on Renal Nutrition and members from the Renal Dietitians DPG.  

Overview/Introduction (74 slides)

Guideline 1: Nutrition Assessment (89 slides)

Guideline 2: Medical Nutrition Therapy (22 slides)

Guideline 3: Protein and Energy Intake (42 slides)

Guideline 4: Nutritional Supplementation (48 slides)

Guideline 5: Micronutrients (71 slides)

Guideline 6: Electrolytes (52 slides)



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updated: 4/5/2021