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ONC: Head and Neck Cancer (2006-2007)

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Head and Neck Cancer and Nutrition has the following sub-topics:

    • Radiation
      • Medical Nutrition Therapy by dietitian
      • Measured energy needs
      • Protein needs 
      • Use of honey
      • Use of medical food supplements
      • Use of enteral nutrition
      • Use of antioxidant vitamin E and efficacy of radiation therapy
      • Use of antioxidant vitamin E for patients with osteoradionecrosis
    • Surgery
      • Use of amino acids 
      • Use of arginine supplement and improved plasma protein
      • Use of EPA nutritional supplements
      • Use of arginine medical food supplement and post-op complications
      • Use of pre-operative arginine food supplement
      • Use of post-operative arginine supplement and wound complications
      • Use of arginine-enhanced enteral nutrition & plasma protein levels and immune function
      • Use of post-operative arginine-enhanced enteral nutrition and diarrhea symptoms 
    • Oral or laryngeal cancer
      • Preoperative arginine and reduction in postoperative complications
      • Postoperative intake of EPA
      • Use of arginine-enhanced medical food supplement
      • Use of arginine-enhanced enteral nutrition
      • Post operative arginine-enhanced enteral nutrition and diarhhea symptoms