Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Guideline (2020)

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Guideline (2020)

Cystic FIbrosis (CF) Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline

This guideline is intended for use by the RDN or international equivalent working with individuals with CF. It is intended to address gaps in current evidence-based practice guidelines and to address key questions that have arisen in CF nutrition practice due to developments in CF treatment, particularly CFTR modulation therapy. It is based on the systematic review published here in 2019. Guideline topics addressed are:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Approach and RDN FTEs
  • Nutrition Screening and Assessment
  • Dietary Intake
    • General Guidance
    • Dietary Intake with CFRD or Overweight/Obesity
    • Macronutrient Distribution
    • Fiber Intake
    • Infant Feeding

The guideline information is divided into several sections:

  • Executive Summary of Recommendations - Recommendations and ratings by Nutrition Care Process category.
  • Guideline Introduction - Overview; Scope, Statement of Intent, Guideline Methods, Implementation of the Guideline; Benefits and Harms of Implementing the Recommendations
  • Guideline Major Recommendations & Supporting Evidence - Guideline recommendations with conditional statements and strength rating
  • Guideline Identifying Information & References - additional information

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Printing Guideline Materials
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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: 2020 Cystic Fibrosis Evidence Analysis Center Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline. McDonald CM, Alvarez JA, et al. 2020 J Acad Nutr Diet. Article in Press

General Information and Disclaimer
This nutrition practice guideline is meant to serve as a general framework for handling clients with particular health problems. The indenpendent skill and judgement of the health care provider must always dictate treatment decisions.


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