NCBS: Post-operative Energy Needs (2017)

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del Genio F, Alfonsi L et al, 2007
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Metabolic and nutritional status changes after 10% weight loss in severely obese patients treated with laparoscopic surgery vs. integrated medical treatment.
del Genio F, Alfonsi L, Marra M, Finelli C, del Genio G, Rossetti G, del Genio A, Contaldo F, Pasanisi F.
Obes Surg.
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Study Design:
Case Control Study
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Inclusion Criteria:
Adult patients consecutively attending the outpatient Clinic for Severe Obesity of the Fedrico II University Hospital in Naples. All patients were selected among those regularly attending the clinic and evaluated before treatment and after achieving about 10% weight loss, on average six weeks after bariatric surgery and at 30 weeks after integrated medical treatment.
Exclusion Criteria:
Not reported.
Research Purpose:
To compare metabolic and nutritional status (body composition and resting energy expenditure) changes in severely obese patients after 10% weight loss achieved by laparoscopic bariatric surgery or by integrated medical treatment that included hypocaloric diet and lifestyle correction.
Blinding efforts:
Not listed.
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Naples, Italy.
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Not reported
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