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Neale E, Tapsell L, et al, 2017
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Article Title:
Impact of providing walnut samples in a lifestyle intervention for weight loss: a secondary analysis of the HealthTrack trial.
Neale E, Tapsell L, Martin A, Batterham M, Wibisono C, Probst Y
Food & Nutrition Research
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
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Inclusion Criteria:
Permanent residents of the Illawarra region of Australia; BMI 25–40 kg/m2; 25-54 years old
Exclusion Criteria:
Unable to communicate in English; severe medical conditions; impaired ability to participate in the study; other medical conditions thought to limit survival to 1 year; suffer from immunodeficiency; have reported illegal drug use or regular alcohol intake associated with alcoholism (>50 g/day); have difficulties or major impediments to participating in the components of the study
Research Purpose:
To examine the impact of regular walnut consumption on weight loss, energy intake, and the consumption of key foods in the context of a lifestyle intervention trial targeting weight loss.
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Industry, Government, Not-for-profit
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Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute California Walnut Commission
Trial Name if applicable:
HealthTrack study