VN: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors (2024)

Author and Year:
Wright N, Wilson L, Smith M, et al. 2017
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Article Title:
The BROAD study: A randomised controlled trial using a whole food plant-based diet in the community for obesity, ischaemic heart disease or diabetes.
Wright N, Wilson L, Smith M, Duncan B, McHugh P
Nutrition & Diabetes
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Some concerns
Inclusion Criteria:
Age 35-70, BMI >=25 kg/m2 with a diagnosis of one of type 2 diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, or the cardiovascular risk factors of hypertension (pre treatment BP > 140/90 mm Hg or current antihypertensive medication prescription) or hypercholesterolemia (pre-treatment total cholesterol >6mmol/l or current cholesterol-lowering medication prescription)
Exclusion Criteria:
Diagnoses of life-threatening comorbidities; thyroid disease; coronary artery bypass grafting within 6 weeks; myocardial infarction within 1 month; angioplasty within 6 months; >50% stenosis of the left main coronary artery; unresponsive congestive heart failure; malignant uncontrolled arrhythmias; homozygous hypercholesterolemia; severe mental health disorders; current alcohol or drug misuse; currently smoking; currently pregnant or breastfeeding women, prior bariatric surgery, other conditions that directly affect weight (e.g. lead toxicity, malignancy).
Research Purpose:
We aimed to investigate the effectiveness of our community-based whole food plant-based (WFPB) dietary programme in a population of New Zealanders
Blinding efforts:
The researcher performing measurements was aware of allocation. The participants’ usual health-care providers were not informed of allocation, although they could ask participants. The statistician was blinded.
Study Location:
New Zealand
Source(s) of Funding:
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Tairawhiti Traditional and Complementary Therapies Research Trust (TTCTRT), the Tairawhiti Community Services Trust, and the J N Williams Memorial Trust