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ONC: Medical Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition Intervention in Adult Oncology Patients (2011)

ONC: Medical Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition Intervention in Adult Oncology Patients (2011)


Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is defined as an evidence-based application of the Nutrition Care Process and includes in-depth assessment, periodic re-assessment and intervention.

The Oncology Workgroup used the above definition for MNT and set the following criteria when evaluating the inclusion and exclusion of studies for the evidence analysis questions on this topic:

  • RD (or equivalent food and nutrition practitioner) provided the intervention
  • More than one nutrition encounter
  • Individualized approach.

Several of the international studies were conducted in countries who had dietetic reciprocity with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). Other international studies used various terminology in describing the clinician providing the intervention. All international studies were considered for inclusion if the study reasonably described the food and nutrition practitioner as equivalent to RDs in the US.

The workgroup noted that not all articles considered for inclusion clearly described the practitioner providing the nutrition intervention. Due to the lack of consistent terminology used in the studies, the Work Group encourages future research to describe the specific profession of the clinician providing nutrition care and include a detailed description of the nutrition intervention.

For the Oncology Work Group's suggestions for future research on this topic, see ONC: Future Research Suggestions on the left.