• Assessment
    What are the lifestyle factors that impact childhood nutrition (screen time, exercise, sleep hygiene, coping skills)?
    • Conclusion

      All 12 studies included in the evidence analysis for this question found significant associations among childhood nutrition and one or more of the following: screen time, exercise, sleep hygiene and coping skills. 12 studies (two meta-analyses, three randomized controlled trials, two non-randomized controlled trials, two cross-sectional studies, two  before-after studies, one descriptive study) met inclusion criteria for the question. 





    • Grade: I
      • Grade I means there is Good/Strong evidence supporting the statement;
      • Grade II is Fair;
      • Grade III is Limited/Weak;
      • Grade IV is Expert Opinion Only;
      • Grade V is Not Assignable.
      • High (A) means we are very confident that the true effect lies close to that of the estimate of the effect;
      • Moderate (B) means we are moderately confident in the effect estimate;
      • Low (C) means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited;
      • Very Low (D) means we have very little confidence in the effect estimate.
      • Ungraded means a grade is not assignable.