AWM: Adults with Obesity BMI >/=30 (2020-21)

Author and Year:
Bennett G, Herring S, et al, 2010
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Article Title:
Web-based weight loss in primary care: a randomized controlled trial.
Bennett G, Herring S, Puleo E, Stein E, Emmons K, Gillman M
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Low risk
Inclusion Criteria:
(i) age of 25–65 years; (ii) BMI of 30– 40 kg/ m2; (iii) diagnosed hypertension and utilization of hypertension medication; (iv) nonsmoker status at least 6 months prior to recruitment; (v) English language fluency; and (vi) the availability of a computer with Internet access at home or work.
Exclusion Criteria:
Currently pregnant or had a history of a condition that would prohibit exercise, such as known dementia, cancer, or stroke.
Research Purpose:
To evaluate the short term efficacy of a web-based weight loss intervention among 101 primary care patients with obesity and hypertension
Blinding efforts:
see ROB
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Source(s) of Funding:
Government, University/Hospital
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This study was supported by an unrestricted grant from Sanofi Aventis. G.G.B. is also supported by grant 1K22CA126992-01 from the National Cancer Institute. S.J.H. was supported by an institutional Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (5 T32 HP11001-19) from the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Boston, Massachusetts. K.M.E. is supported by grant 1K05CA