AWM: Interventions in Community Settings (2020-21)

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Hageman P, Pullen C, et al, 2017
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Web-based interventions alone or supplemented with peer-led support or professional email counseling for weight loss and weight maintenance in women from rural communities: results of a clinical trial.
Hageman P, Pullen C, Hertzog M, Pozehl B, Eisenhauer C, Boeckner L
Journal of Obesity
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Low risk
Inclusion Criteria:
Women; meet rural status as defined by the Rural-Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) codes BMI 28–45 kg/m2; not taking medications that affected weight loss or weight gain, as verified by research personnel; ability to speak and read English, communicate over the phone, and use a computer including email features with minimal assistance; have access to the Internet and a DVD player; be willing to drive up to 70 miles each way to the research office at a community college for all required assessments; answered “no” to all questions on the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) or obtained medical clearance from their physician to participate.
Exclusion Criteria:
Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes; diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and requiring insulin; 10% or greater weight loss in the last six months; being currently enrolled in a weight loss management program or another research study; participating in current cancer treatment; having physical or medical restrictions that would preclude following recommendations for moderate activity and healthy eating.
Research Purpose:
The primary aim of the study was to compare the effectiveness of a web-based only (WO) intervention with web based intervention supplemented with peer-led discussion support group (WD) or professional email counseling (WE) for achieving change in primary outcomes of body weight and waist circumference and secondary outcomes of attaining criterion weight loss targets (5% and 10% weight loss) by phase: phase 1 for guided weight loss (baseline to 6 months), phase 2 for guided continuing weight loss and maintenance (6 to 18 months), and phase 3 for self-managed weight maintenance (18 to 30 months).
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Study Location:
Northeastern Nebraska, United States
Source(s) of Funding:
Government, University/Hospital, Government, University/Hospital, The Hygenic Corporation Thera-Band Aca
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This study was funded by a National Institute of Nursing Research (National Institutes of Health) with supplemental funding from The Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center for lipid and glucose testing