DLM-SF: Cheese (2021)

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Jakobsen M, Trolle E, et al, 2021
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Intake of dairy products and associations with major atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies.
Jakobsen M, Trolle E, Outzen M, Mejborn H, Grønberg M, Lyndgaard C, Stockmarr A, Venø S, Bysted A
Scientific Reports
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Meta-analysis or Systematic Review
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Inclusion Criteria:
Participants: Participants recruited from the general adult population. Exposure: Considering at least one of the exposures, the total intake of dairy products. Comparator: When the exposure is total intake of dairy products, the comparator is a lower intake of total intake of dairy products and when the exposure is intake of a dairy product subgroup, the comparator is a lower intake of that particular dairy product subgroup. Outcome: Considering at least one of the outcomes, total CHD, total ischemic stroke and peripheral artery disease. Study design: Cohort study that provides evidence about associations between exposures and incidence of hard outcomes. Only published articles were considered. There were no restrictions on language.
Exclusion Criteria:
Studies that did not meet inclusion criteria.
Research Purpose:
Conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies to summarize findings on the associations between total dairy product intake and intake of dairy product subgroups and the risk of major atherosclerotic CVDs in the general adult population
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Not applicable
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Not applicable
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This review was funded by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The Ministry of Environmentand Food of Denmark has not been involved in the planning or conduct of the review. Authors declare no conflicts of interest. However, for the sake of good order, it should be mentioned that E.T., H.M., M.G.G., C.B.L., A.S. and M.U.J. have been involved in research projects funded by the industry (for example the Danish Dairy Research Foundation). Furthermore, M.U.J. has given talks on the topi.