FNCE 2023
Session 357. Providing MNT for the Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Population: What Does the Evidence Show?
Monday, October 9, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

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Vegetarian Nutrition

VN: Types and Diversity of Vegetarian Diets (2009)

Types and Diversity of Vegetarian Diets

The practice and study of vegetarian dietary patterns is anything but uniform or static. The evidence analysis for this topic goes beyond simply identifying common types of vegetarian diets. Rather, the goal is to help the reader get a sense of the range of factors involved in "being vegetarian."A major point of consensus among the articles analyzed here is that within vegetarian diets there is wide variation in foods eaten, dietary practices and dietary beliefs and motivations. Vegetarian dietary practices vary by culture, food availability, region, age and motivation. Additionally, vegetarian diets change over time with many vegetarians becoming either more restrictive or more lenient. All of these factors may be critically important for the health care professional serving vegetarian clients or patients.