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Vegetarian Nutrition

VN: Background Information (2011)

Identifying Information and Availability

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Bibliographic Source

American Dietetic Association. American Dietetic Association Vegetarian Nutrition (VN) Evidenced-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline, Chicago (IL): American Dietetic Association, 2011.

Date Released


Guideline Developer

American Dietetic Association (ADA).

Guideline Status

This is the first release of the ADA Vegetarian Nutrition (VN) Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline.

Guideline Availability

The VN Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline in its entirely is available online to ADA members and Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) subscribers. The Guideline Introduction and Executive Summary of Recommendations are available online to the public at www.adaevidencelibrary.com.

Availability of Companion Documents

The development of a Vegetarian Nutrition Toolkit is planned. An evidence-based toolkit is a set of companion documents which detail how the practitioner applies the Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline in practice.

Patient Resources

Patient education resources will be available within the VN Toolkit.

Copyright Statement

The American Dietetic Association encourages the free exchange of evidence in nutrition practice guidelines and promotes the adaptation of the guidelines for local conditions. However, please note that guidelines are subject to copyright provisions. To replicate or reproduce this guideline, in part or in full, please obtain agreement from the American Dietetic Association. Contact eal@adaevidencelibrary.com for copyright permission.

When modifying the guidelines for local circumstances, significant departures from these comprehensive guidelines should be fully documented and the reasons for the differences explicitly detailed.

©2011 American Dietetic Association.