• Monitoring and Evaluation
    What is the evidence regarding Medical Nutrition Therapy on pregnancy outcomes (morbidity, birth weight, glucose control, pharmacological therapy, pre-term delivery, satisfaction with care) in women with gestational diabetes?
    • Conclusion

      Six studies were evaluated to investigate the relationship between Medical Nutrition Therapy on pregnancy outcomes in women with gestational diabetes mellitus.  Medical Nutrition Therapy, initiated within one week of diagnosis and with a minimum of three nutrition visits, results in decreased hospital admissions and insulin use, improves likelihood of normal fetal and placental growth, and reduces risk of perinatal complications, especially when diagnosed and treated early.


    • Grade: I
      • Grade I means there is Good/Strong evidence supporting the statement;
      • Grade II is Fair;
      • Grade III is Limited/Weak;
      • Grade IV is Expert Opinion Only;
      • Grade V is Not Assignable.
      • High (A) means we are very confident that the true effect lies close to that of the estimate of the effect;
      • Moderate (B) means we are moderately confident in the effect estimate;
      • Low (C) means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited;
      • Very Low (D) means we have very little confidence in the effect estimate.
      • Ungraded means a grade is not assignable.