HF: Benefits and Risks/Harms of Implementation (2017)

HF: Benefits and Risks/Harms of Implementation (2017)

When using these recommendations, please consider the following general benefits:

  • A primary goal of implementing these recommendations includes improving a person's ability to achieve optimal nutrition through healthful food choices and physically active lifestyle.
  • Although costs of MNT sessions and reimbursement vary, MNT is essential for improved outcomes.
  • MNT education can be considered cost-effective when considering the benefits of nutrition interventions on the onset and progression of comorbidities vs. the cost of the intervention.

When using these recommendations, in light of potential risks and harms, consider the following:

  • Patient's age, socio-economic status, cultural issues, psychosocial and mental health status, health history and other individual and health conditions.
  • Use clinical judgment in applying the guidelines.

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