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Adult Weight Management (AWM) Meal Replacements

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  • Recommendation(s)

    AWM: Meal Replacements

    For people who have difficulty with self selection and/or portion control, meal replacements (e.g., liquid meals, meal bars, calorie-controlled packaged meals) may be used as part of the diet component of a comprehensive weight management program. Substituting one or two daily meals or snacks with meal replacements is a successful weight loss and weight maintenance strategy.

    Rating: Strong

    • Risks/Harms of Implementing This Recommendation


    • Conditions of Application

      Recommendation applies to people who have difficulty with self selection and/or portion control.

    • Potential Costs Associated with Application


    • Recommendation Narrative

      • Eight RCTs (3 positive-quality and 5 neutral-quality), three neutral-quality nonrandomized clinical trials and a positive-quality meta-analysis report equivalent or greater weight loss in subjects receiving a diet containing 1 – 3 daily meal replacements (Ahrens et al, 2003; Allison et al, 2003; Ashley et al, 2001; Ditschuneit et al, 1999; Ditschuneit et al, 2001; Flechter-Mors et al, 2000; Hannum et al, 2004; Heber et al, 1994; Heymsfield et al, 2003; Mattes, 2002; Noakes et al, 2004; Rothacker, 2000; Rothacker et al, 2001; Winick et al, 2002)

    • Recommendation Strength Rationale

      • Conclusion statements were grade I
      • Consistent findings among a variety of study designs

    • Minority Opinions

      Consensus reached.