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Critical Illness

CI: Major Recommendations (2006)

Major Recommendations

Recommendations By Topic

Below you will find a list of Critical Illness Recommendations organized by Topic. To see the Recommendation Summary, just click on the Recommendation title. To view how recommendations are developed, click here. Also view the Executive Summary of Recommendations or print the guideline in PDF format.

Topics Listed by Subject 

Critical Illness (CI) Major Recommendations 

Enteral vs. Parenteral Nutrition

CI: Enteral versus Parenteral Nutrition - Critical Illness

Timing of Feeding

CI: Timing of Enteral Nutrition - Critical Illness

Immune-Enhancing Enteral Formula

CI: Immune-Enhancing Enteral Nutrition - Critical Illness

Feeding Tube Site

CI: Gastric versus Small Bowel Feeding Tube Placement - Critical Illness

Blue Dye Use

CI: Blue Dye Use - Critical Illness

Monitoring Criteria in Critical Care

CI: Monitoring Criteria in Critical Illness - Critical Illness

Monitoring Delivery of Energy 

CI: Monitoring Delivery of Energy - Critical Illness

Blood Glucose Control 

CI: Blood Glucose Control - Critical Illness -   2009 Recommendation revised
Energy Expenditure


CI: Gas Collection Devices - Critical Illness

Patient Condition

CI: Effects of Different Length Rest Periods on Resting Metabolic Rate - Critical Illness


CI: Impact of Environmental Factors on Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement:  Noise, Lighting and Temperature - Critical Illness

CI: Impact of Environmental Factors on Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement:  Physical Comfort/Posture - Critical Illness

Test Interpretation

CI: Steady State Measurement Conditions and Acceptable Energy Measurement Interval - Critical Illness

CI: Respiratory Quotient as a Method to Detect Measurement Error - Critical Illness

Energy Assessment

CI: Determination of Resting Metabolic Rate- Critical Illness