MiOA: Intervention: Community: Oral Nutrition Supplements (2023)

Author and Year:
Fielding R, Travison T, et al. 2017
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Article Title:
Effect of structured physical activity and nutritional supplementation on physical function in mobility-limited older adults: results from the VIVE2 randomized trial.
Fielding R, Travison T, Kirn D, Koochek A, Reid K, von Berens Å, Zhu H, Folta S, Sacheck J, Nelson M, Liu C, Åberg A, Nydahl M, Lilja M, Gustafsson T, Cederholm T
The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Some concerns
Inclusion Criteria:
Men and women aged 70 and above; at risk for mobility-disability (short physical performance battery score less than or equal to 9); vitamin D insufficient; undertaking more than 30 minutes per week of structured physical activity; able to complete the 400 meter walk in <15 minutes without the use of a walker or another person; able to safely participate in the nutritional and physical activity intervention.
Exclusion Criteria:
Cognitive impairment (Mini-Mental State Examination score less than 24); currently using vitamin D supplements; current regular use of nutritional supplements (>1 per week); milk protein allergy; excessive alcohol use (>14 drinks per week); participation in moderate intensity activities >20 min/week; expected to not comply with treatment as decided by PI.
Research Purpose:
The study purpose was to compare the effects of an intervention with an experimental liquid oral nutritional supplement to a low calorie placebo drink on exercise training-induced changes in physical functioning in older adults with demonstrated mobility limitations and vitamin D insufficiency.
Blinding efforts:
Study assessors, data analysts, and investigators were blinded to treatment assignment.
Study Location:
Boston, MA and Stockholm, Sweden
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Government, Industry, Other
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Nestle Health Science USDA No. 58-1950-0-014 Boston Claude D. Pepper Center Older American Independence Centers (OAIC; 1P30AG031679)