MiOA: Intervention: Community: Oral Nutrition Supplements (2023)

Author and Year:
Peng L, Yu P, Hsu C, et al. 2022
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Article Title:
Sarcojoint®, the branched-chain amino acid-based supplement, plus resistance exercise improved muscle mass in adults aged 50 years and older: A double-blinded randomized controlled trial.
Peng L, Yu P, Hsu C, Tseng S, Lee W, Lin M, Hsiao F, Chen L
Experimental Gerontology
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Some concerns
Inclusion Criteria:
Aged 50 years or older; willing to comply with study procedures and follow-ups; able to communicate and provide written informed consent.
Exclusion Criteria:
Fractures or severe arthritis in the past 6 months; chronic kidney disease (stage III and over); contraindications for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); use of anabolic hormones in the past 3 months; current disability or limited functional ability; advanced, active or uncontrolled diseases, such as poorly controlled diabetes (HbA1c >9.0%), hyperthyroidism or thyroid insufficiency, Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, or others judged by principal investigators; dementia, cognitive impairment or other sensory impairment limiting communication and understanding of the study; milk allergy or lactose intolerance.
Research Purpose:
This study aimed to examine the effects of Sarcojoint® plus resistance exercise on muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical performance among community-dwelling middle-aged and older persons in a 12-week double-blinded randomized controlled trial.
Blinding efforts:
We used a computer-generated allocation to generate random codes as a simple randomized method and placed them in concealed envelopes. These procedures were performed by an independent researcher who did not participate in participant screening, intervention, or data analysis. Research nurses confirmed that the envelopes remained sealed until the initial assessment was completed, and the participants were kept blinded during the entire process.
Study Location:
Taipei, Taiwan
Source(s) of Funding:
Government, Industry
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Orient Euro Pharma Co., Ltd and Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan