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Author and Year:
Park Y, Choi J, Hwant H. 2018
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Article Title:
Protein supplementation improves muscle mass and physical performance in undernourished prefrail and frail elderly subjects: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Park Y, Choi J, Hwang H
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Some concerns
Inclusion Criteria:
70-85 years old; pre-frail or frail (meeting 1 or more and 3 or more (respectively) modified CHS frailty criteria) at risk of malnutrition (MNA score <23.5).
Exclusion Criteria:
Comorbidities such as kidney or liver failure; participating in another clinical trial; unable to walk; unable to communicate.
Research Purpose:
Thus, the purpose of the present study was to investigate the hypothesis that protein intake of 1.2 g/kg/d and 1.5 g/kg/d increases muscle mass and physical performance dose dependently in prefrail or frail community-dwelling elderly people at risk of malnutrition.
Blinding efforts:
Double-blind: a placebo protein powder was used for the control group; an external researcher managed random assignments to groups and preparation of protein/placebo powder packages, allowing all other researchers to remain blinded.
Study Location:
Seoul, Korea
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Republic of Korea