MiOA: Intervention: Post-Discharge: Registered Dietitian Nutritionists' Interventions (2023)

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Munk T, Svendsen J, et al. 2021
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A multimodal nutritional intervention after discharge improves quality of life and physical function in older patients - a randomized controlled trial.
Munk T, Svendsen J, Knudsen A, Østergaard T, Thomsen T, Olesen S, Rasmussen H, Beck A
Clinical Nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland)
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Low risk
Inclusion Criteria:
>50 years old; in need of preventive nutritional therapy or in need of nutritional support due to being at nutritional risk according to the Nutrition Risk Screening 2002 tool (NRS-2002); provided with a targeted nutritional effort consisting of a special energy- and dairy protein enriched food concept (Herlev's Glories) with close follow-up of a hospital clinical dietitian; able to read, hear, and understand the Danish language; discharged to own home (planned); cognitively intact (i.e., not diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease).
Exclusion Criteria:
Food allergy or intolerance; planning weight loss or following a special diet; accelerated and disseminated cancer; in late palliative or terminal phase, assessed from 6 months of expected survival; in droplet infection isolation, therefore not allowed to bring in weighing scales for baseline data collection; discharged to nursing home or rehabilitation stay; moderate to severe dysphagia, defined as a need for a texture-modified diet; permanently bedridden and hence not expected to be discharged to own home; receiving enteral or parenteral nutrition at discharge; previously included patients.
Research Purpose:
To assess the effect on different clinically relevant outcomes of a long-term multimodal individualized, patient specific approach, targeting older patients and involving both hospital and municipality.
Blinding efforts:
Single-blinded. It was not possible to blind the involved research team, hospital based research dieticians and participants due to the type of intervention provided. However, the statistical analysis was carried out blinded to group allocation until completion.
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University/Hospital, Not-for-profit
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Innovation Fund Denmark Research Unit, Herlev Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen.