Preterm Infant

Preterm Infant Scoping Review (2017)

Scoping Review  

An evidence scoping review was conducted to help identify existing literature in preterm infant nutrition assessment and intervention, based on the Nutrition Care Process, and to guide the EAL preterm infant systematic review and evidence based guideline. Two (2) research questions and a search plan for the evidence scoping review was developed:
  1. In preterm infants, what is the availability of the literature regarding which methods should be used to assess nutrition needs and status and body composition?
  2. In preterm infants, what is the availability of the literature regarding the relationship between nutrition exposures/interventions and related health outcomes?

Target Population: Very Low Birthweight (VLBW) Preterm Infants (VLBW) Preterm Infants (≤1500 grams)<!--=1500 grams)

Assessment: nutrition status, bone mineral density

Interventions: Enteral Nutrition within three main topic areas - macronutrients, human milk vs formula, and vitamins and minerals. The questions listed below have been developed and are subject to change.

Outcomes: growth, anthropometrics, development, morbidity/mortality, bone mineral density, gastrointestinal health, and protein utilization (outcomes were expanded to biomarkers for micronutrients questions secondary to limited available data; outcomes for assessment questions tbd)

Location: Counties with developed economics according the United Nations (PDF

Search Dates: January 1980 - November 2017

Study Design: Macronutrients (RCTs); Micronutrients (all study designs); Human Milk vs. Formula (observational)

Databases:  PubMed, EMBASe, CINAHL, and Cochrane Central

The results of the scoping review has been accepted for publication: Moloney L, Rozga M, Fenton T. Nutrition Assessment, Exposures and Interventions for Very Low Birthweight Preterm Infants: a Scoping Review. J Acad Diet. 2018 In Press.
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updated 4/20/2018