AWM: Weight Management Interventions Provided by Dietitians for Older Adults (2021)

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van Gemert W, Schuit A, et al, 2015
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Effect of weight loss, with or without exercise, on body composition and sex hormones in postmenopausal women: the SHAPE-2 trial.
van Gemert W, Schuit A, van der Palen J ,May A, Iestra J, Wittink H, Peeters P, Monninkhof E
Breast Cancer Research
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Some concerns
Inclusion Criteria:
Female; 50-69 years old; postmenopausal (> 12 weeks since last menses); BMI 25-35 kg/m2; insufficiently active (<2 hours per week of at least moderately intensive activity (Greater than or equal to 4 MET))
Exclusion Criteria:
Presently using sex hormones; use of beta blockers or oral corticosteroids; smoking; alcohol or drug abuse; diagnosed breast cancer (present or history); diagnosed with other cancer (present or <5-year history), except for non-melanoma skin cancer; diabetes mellitus or other (unstable) endocrine related diseases; any disorder that might impede participation in the exercise programme; following or intention to follow a structured weight loss program elsewhere; investigator's opinion (ie, successful fulfilling of the programme highly unlikely)
Research Purpose:
To answer this question, we designed the SHAPE-2 study, in which we are investigating the effects of an equivalent weight loss obtained by following a hypocaloric diet or mainly with an exercise programme
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The Netherlands
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Dutch Cancer Society Dutch Pink Ribbon Foundation