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Adult Weight Management

AWM: Specific Methods (2014)

Adult Weight Management Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline

Search Criteria and Results for Specific Topics

Each evidence analysis topic has a link to supporting evidence, where the Search Plan and Results can be found. Here, you can view when the search plan was performed, inclusion and exclusion criteria, search terms, databases that were searched and the excluded articles.

Below are a list of the recommendations and the related evidence analysis questions, with the link to each search plan. Some recommendations are supported by multiple conclusion statements and therefore have multiple search plans listed.

Consensus-rated recommendations were not developed using the evidence analysis process, but are based on consensus documents. Therefore, these recommendations do not have links to Search Plans.

Screening and Referral

AWM: Screening and Referral for MNT


Nutrition Assessment

AWM: Medical Nutrition Therapy Search Plan and Results

DLM: Metabolic Syndrome and DLM 2004

DM: Weight Management 2006

MNT: Effectiveness of MNT for Overweight/Obesity in Adults 2009

AWM: Duration and Frequency of MNT


AWM: Incorporating Telenutrition Interventions Search Plan and Results
AWM: Weight Management for Older Adults


AWM: Assess Data to Individualize the Comprehensive Weight Management Program


AWM: Assess Motivation for Weight Management Search Plan and Results
AWM: Assess Energy Needs Search Plan and Results

AWM: Assess Energy Intake and Nutrient Content of the Diet Search Plan and Results

AWM: Nutrient Adequacy 2012

Nutrition Diagnosis


Nutrition Intervention

AWM: Realistic Weight Goal Setting Search Plan and Results

MNT: Effectiveness of MNT for Overweight/Obesity in Adults 2009

AWM: Components of a Comprehensive Weight Management Program


AWM: Caloric Reduction and Nutrient Adequacy Search Plan and Results

AWM: Nutrient Adequacy 2012

AWM: Dietary Approaches for Caloric Reduction


AWM: Eating Frequency and Meal Patterns Search Plan and Results

AWM: Meal and Snack Pattern 2011

AWM: Breakfast Consumption 2011

AWM: Portion Control and Meal Replacements/Structured Meal Plans Search Plan and Results

NCOUN: Strategies 2007

AWM: Encourage Physical Activity


AWM: Multiple Behavior Therapy Strategies Search Plans and Results

NCOUN: Counseling Theories 2007

NCOUN: Strategies 2007

AWM: Coordination of Care



Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation

AWM: Monitor and Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Comprehensive Weight Management Program


AWM: Monitor and Evaluate Energy Intake and Energy Needs Search Plans and Results

AWM: Mifflin-St. Jeor Equation 2013

AWM: Nutrient Adequacy 2012

To see the recommendations, go to Major Recommendations.