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Diabetes (DM) Type 1 and 2 Systematic Review (2006-2007)

Diabetes (DM) Type 1 and 2 Systematic Review (2006-2007)

Welcome to the Diabetes 1 and 2 Project site.  This project was first published in 2001 and updated/republished in 2006-2007. Highlights of the project include:
  • Target population of both adults and children
  • Eleven (11) sub-topics with 29 evidence analysis questions (use links on the left to access the content)
  • Evidence-based nutrition practice guideliens released in 2008.
  • Several resources based on the project findings were released (expand the link below to view)
This project is scheduled to be updated in 2014-2015.

  • Project Team
    The following individuals contributed their valuable time and expertise on this project:

    Workgroup Members
    • Carolyn J. Leontos, MS, RD, CDE, Chair
    • Marion J. Franz, MS, RD, CDE
    • Lea Ann Holzmeister, RD, CDE
    • Karmeen Kulkarni, MS, RD, CDE
    • Arlene M. Monk, RD, LD, CDE
    • Margaret A. Powers, MS, RD
    • Naomi Wedel, MS, RD
    Project Manager/Lead Analyst
    • Erica K. Gradwell, MS, RD
    Evidence Analysts
    • Cynthia A. Cassell, PhD, RD, LD
    • Eric Ciappio, MS, RD
    • Erica Rae Dean, MS, RD, LD
    • Elizabeth Droke, MS, RD
    • Lori F. Greene, MS, RD
    • Samia M. Hamdan, MPH, RD
    • Keecha S. Harris, DrPH, RD
    • carol J. Klitzke, MS, RD
    • Mamie J. Lausch, MS, RD, RN, CDE
    • Debby Demory-Luce, PhD, RD, LD
    • Barbara A. Mark, PhD, RD
    • Linda K. Massey, PhD, RD
    • Melissa C. Reutimann, RD, LDN
    • Lee S. Wallace, MS, RD, FADA
    • Madelyn L. Wheeler, MS, RD, FADA
    • Jane Ziegler, MS, RD, LDN, CNSD
    Guideline Reviewers
    • Linda Siminerio, RN, PhD, CDE
    • Judy Wylie-Rosett, EdD, RD
    • Linda Haas, PhC, RN, CDE
    • Sandra burke, PhD, RN, ANP, CDE
    • Gregg Simonson, PhD
    • Nathaniel Clark, MD, MS, RD
    Academy Staff
    • Deborah Cummins, PhD
    • Kari Kren, MPH, RD
    • Esther F. Myers, PhD, RD
    • Laurie E. Sweet, MS, MHA, RD, LD
    Financial Contributor
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    Disclosures of Potential Conflict of Interest: In the interest of full disclosure, the Academy has adopted the policy of revealing relationships workgroup members have with companies that sell products or services that are relevant to this topic. Workgroup members are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest by completing the Academy Conflict of Interest Form. It should not be assumed that these financial interests will have an adverse impact on the content, but they are noted here to fully inform readers.
    • Carolyn Leontos - received honorariums from Takeda, Roche Diagnostics, Aventis, Novartis, shareholder in Johnson and Johnson and Abbott Laboratories, Inc. stock
    • Marion Franz - employed with Nutrition Concept by Franz, Inc., consulted for General Mills, Nestle; has receive honorariums from General Mills, Nestle and Kraft.
    • Karmeen Kulkarni - employed by Abbott Diabetes Care
  • Project Resources
    The following resources were developed for this project:
    • Diabetes Mellitus Toolkit - This toolkit is designed to assist the registered dietitian in applying the Academy's Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines. The toolkit includes material such as interactive sample documentation forms, encounter process instructions, case study, and outcomes monitoring forms. It also incorporates the Academy's Nutrition Care Process and Standardized Language for patient/client care.  Click to purchase.
    • Diabetes Guideline Presentation - This 56-slide MS PowerPoint presentation includes all recommendations and ratings of the Diabetes Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline. Ideal for use for meetings, in-service presentations and classes (not designed for the consumer).  Click to purchase.
    • Diabetes Type 2 - Tips on How to Live Healthy with Diabetes - this brochure, designed for the general public, uses scientific information to provide tips on living healthy with diabetes. Includes information on what blood glucose means, what foods to eat when you have diabetes, treatment options, exercise and more.  Click to purchase.
    • Educator Module  on Diabetes 1 and 2 - This resource is designed for the busy educator. It includes Word documents and PowerPoint files with the following content overview and instructions for navigating the EAL; student assignments including case studies and questions for classroom discussion or take-home exam; guaduate or advanced assignment onevaluating a research article using the evidence analysis process; grading key for both assignments; and 3-week access to the EAL for 30 students.  Click to purchase.