Just Published!  The Evidence Analysis Library is pleased to announce the publication of the Disorders of Lipid Metabolism Saturated Fat Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline. View the guideline.

Diabetes Type 1 and 2

DM: Major Recommendations (2008)

Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline for Adults

Below, you will find a list of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Type 1 and 2 recommendations, organized by topic. Also view the Executive Summary of Recommendations or print the guideline in PDF format.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Major Recommendations

DM: Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes 
DM: Assessment and Diabetes 
DM: Assessment of Glycemic Control
DM: Assess Importance of Weight Management
DM: Intervention Options 
DM: Macronutrients
DM: Carbohydrate and Diabetes
DM: Sucrose and Diabetes
DM: Non-Nutritive Sweeteners and Diabetes 
DM: Glycemic Index and Diabetes
DM: Fiber and Diabetes
DM: Protein and Diabetes
DM: Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes 
DM: Prevention and Treatment of CVD and Diabetes
DM: Weight Management and Diabetes 
DM: Physical Activity and Diabetes
DM: Coordination of Care and Diabetes 
DM: Monitor and Evaluate and Diabetes

The recommendations listed below were originally developed for other ADA evidence-based guidelines, but have been integrated into the Diabetes evidence-based nutrition practice guideline.

Adult Weight Management (AWM)

AWM: Classification of Overweight and Obesity
AWM: Comprehensive Weight Management Program
AWM: Determining Energy Needs
AWM: Eating Frequency and Patterns 
AWM: Meal Replacements
AWM: Use of Weight Loss Medications
AWM: Multiple Behavior Therapy Strategies
AWM: Weight Management Nutrition Education
AWM: Optimal Length of Weight Management Therapy
AWM: Portion Control
AWM: Realistic Weight Goals

Disorders of Lipid Metabolism (DLM)

DLM: Alcohol Intake
DLM: Antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene)
DLM: Homocysteine, Folate, Vitamin B6 and B12
DLM: Major Dietary Fat Components
DLM: Omega-3 Food Sources
DLM: Omega-3 Supplements
DLM: Plant Stanols and Sterols
DLM: Referral to a Registered Dietitian for MNT for Disorders of Lipid Metabolism
DLM: Soy Protein
DLM: Trans-Fatty Acid Intake
DLM: Elevated Triglycerides and Macronutrients 
DLM: Elevated Triglycerides and EPA/DHA Supplements

Hypertension (HTN)

HTN: Blood Pressure Measurement in Monitoring and Evaluation
HTN: Comprehensive Program for Blood Pressure Management
HTN: Blood Pressure Treatment Goal for Individuals with Diabetes or Renal Disease
HTN: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Dietary Pattern
HTN: Sodium Intake
HTN: Caffeine Intake
HTN: Food/Nutrient and Medication Interaction Assessment