AWM: Weight Management Interventions Provided by Dietitians for Older Adults (2021)

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Villareal D, Chode S, et al, 2011
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Weight loss, exercise, or both and physical function in obese older adults.
Villareal D, Chode S, Parimi N, Sinacore D, Hilton T, Armamento-Villareal R, Napoli N, Qualls C, Shah K
The New England Journal of Medicine
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Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
Some concerns
Inclusion Criteria:
Participates were included if they were 65 years of age or older and obese, if they had a sedentary lifestyle, if their body weight had been stable during the previous year, and if their medications had been stable for 6 months before enrollment. All participants had to have mild-to-moderate frailty, on the basis of meeting as least two of the following operational criteria: a score on the modified Physical Performance Test of 18 to 32; a peak oxygen consumption of 11 to 18 ml per kilogram of body weight per minute; or difficulty in performing two instrumental activities of daily living or one basic activity of daily living.
Exclusion Criteria:
Participants were excluded if they had severe cardiopulmonary disease; musculoskeletal or neuromuscular impairments that preclude exercise training; visual, hearing, or cognitive impairments; or a history of cancer, as well as persons who were receiving drugs that affect bone health and metabolism or who were current smokers.
Research Purpose:
The purpose of the study is to understand the impact of weight loss and exercise on physical function and physical frailty of obese older adults.
Blinding efforts:
Not applicable
Study Location:
New Mexico
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Government, Not-for-profit
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NIH grants from Clinical Nutrition Research Unit, Clinical and Translational Science Award, Diabetes Research and Training Center. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and a New Investigator Fellowship Initiative grant from the Foundation for Physical Therapy.