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AWM: Interventions in Primary Care or Outpatient Settings (2020-21)

Author and Year:
Al-Hamdan R, Avery A, et al, 2019
PubMed ID:
Article Title:
Identification of Education Models to Improve Health Outcomes in Arab Women with Pre-Diabetes
Al-Hamdan R, Avery A, Salter A, Al-Disi D, Al-Daghri NM, McCullough F
Year of publication:
Page numbers:
Study Design:
Randomized Controlled Trial
Risk of Bias Assessment Rating:
High risk
Inclusion Criteria:
Female; living in Saudi Arabia; age 18–55 years old; BMI >or= 25 kg/m2; HbA1c level was >/=5.7% to <6.5%; attending the primary health care centres (PHCCs) in Riyadh, SA
Exclusion Criteria:
Pregnant; not of Saudi origin; T1DM or T2DM; chronic medical co-morbidities, such as cancer, liver, kidney and thyroid diseases as well as malignant cases.
Research Purpose:
To explore for the first time, the impact of a 6-month personalized lifestyle intervention provided one-to-one to Saudi women with pre-diabetes as compared to standard care in a primary care setting
Blinding efforts:
See ROB 2.0
Study Location:
Saudi Arabia
Source(s) of Funding:
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Deanship of Scientific Research, Chair for Biomarkers of Chronic Diseases (CBCD) in King Saud University, Riyadh, SA.