Energy Expenditure

EE: Application (2006)

Application of the ADA Indirect Calorimetry Evidence Analysis to Practice

Four resources are available to help apply the best research on indirect calorimetry to dietetic practice. Access these from the left navigation bar.

Flowchart and Instructions

The hyperlinked flowchart and instructions highlight the key decisions points when using RMR in the nutrition care process (2).

Practitioner Instructions

These instructions apply to most patient/client situations in practice.

Patient Instructions

Instructions that can be provided to a patient/client prior to measuring RMR.

Information on Different Types of Indirect Calorimeters

There are times when specific types of collection units (i.e., a face mask, mouth piece with nose clip, or canopy) are not reliable in obtaining a RMR. For example, men with beards or frail older adults with skinny jaws have a higher risk of gas leaking around the face mask. A sample list of desirable features of indirect calorimeters can be found in Table 6 (3).